"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn"

-Ignacio Estrada

Hello, and welcome to the Milton Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Milton SEPAC) website!

In an effort to better support the families of Milton who have children with special needs, we have links to essential services, state and federal laws, programs, meetings and community events. Our goal is to improve communication and increase membership so that we may effectively advocate and advise the school district on special education issues, initiatives and policies. Our vision is to have this site be a comprehensive resource, however if you have any questions not addressed yet on this site, please contact us by email directly: miltonsepac@gmail.com.


Reasons to Join:

 • You live in Milton and your child receives special education services;

 • You think your child may have some learning issues/dfferences that are not being addressed;

 • You're just learning about the special education process and want to understand your rights;

 • You need to learn more about special education programs and resources in the community;

 • You want to connect with parents who share similar concerns, frustrations, and joys;

 • You want to share your knowledge and expertise with other parents;

 • You want to help the school find solutions for students receiving special education services.

 • It's Free!